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Comprehensive service

Our flexible service concept can be applied to the needs and requirements of all professional property investors.

Creating value

Juhola delivers bespoke Asset and Property Management services tailored to the unique needs of every client. Our team of professionals in real estate investing, marketing, financial administration, project and technical management all work under one roof towards the common goal of providing the best possible value for your investment.



600 000 m²+

Floor area


Lease ageements




Construction projects worth over 100 000 €


Final accounts







Priority on value

The most important measure of success for investors is the value of their assets. Variables affecting the value of an investment that can be influenced by investors and Property Management partners include, for example, the condition of the property, tenant satisfaction, lease agreements, maintenance costs, property development and life cycle management.

Together with our clients, our goal is to increase the value of their investment. This can generally be achieved by keeping the occupancy rate high and the tenants satisfied, as well as by looking after the asset with professional technical Property Management throughout its life cycle.

Property and financial administration, accounting and leasing are also vital components of Property Management. These easily measurable areas of operation provide vital information to support the execution of all other management decisions.



Emphasis on life cycle

Properties require constant upkeep and maintenance as well as repairs, renovations, outfitting and development. In addition to standard Property Management services, Juhola is also a trusted partner in comprehensive construction projects, from tenant fit-outs to major development or renovation projects.

Great Property Managers know the property and its tenants like the back of their hand. Having technical management experience is essential but will only get you so far – just as important are excellent communication skills and the motivation to see things through. Choosing the right Property Manager is essential from the perspectives of property value and life cycle, as well as for achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.



User experience

Property is made into an investment by its users. Therefore, understanding the changing needs of tenants and taking care of their wellbeing forms the core of our success.

The aim of our management operations is to keep our tenants satisfied, which translates into satisfied investors. A high level of customer satisfaction is achieved by listening to our clients and proactively developing our properties and services. These efforts translate quite naturally into high occupancy rates and a steady cash flow for investors.