The goal is to create value

Juhola provides tailored property asset management and property management services for real estate investors, covering everything from owner representation to development, accounting, technical management of individual properties, leasing, and business park management. The goal of all our operations is to create value for our clients.

Asset Management

Our Asset Management service is designed to provide our clients with comprehensive and professional support in property asset management. Our goal is to create sustainable value for properties, ensuring their optimal performance, longevity, and returns, as well as fostering long-term client relationships.


Premises are much more than just a company’s business card. Thoughtfully chosen and well-designed premises genuinely support the company’s strategy, modern working methods, and are an essential part of responsible business – whether it’s an office, commercial, warehouse, or logistics space.

Financial management

Efficient financial and lease management is pivotal for property owners, offering a real-time grasp of their investments’ status. It ensures optimal cash flow, cost-effectiveness, and steady revenue streams.

Property Management

Systematic and visionary management of office facilities is an essential part of successful real estate investment. Juhola’s professional team ensures the predictable return and long-term value development of your real estate investments.

Construction Project Management

Juhola’s comprehensive project management expertise can be customized to meet the specific needs of the client and the project at hand. Typically, we act as a construction consultant, advocate, and project manager in property renovation and Tenant Improvement projects, covering all stages of the property life cycle.