Value makers

Next-generation Juhola

Juhola provides tailored asset and property management services. Our mission is quite simply to be the best management partner for professional property investors. We are serving property investors all over Finland with almost 30 years of experience.

Our way of working

The goal is to create value
The priority is to create value

Together with our clients, our goal is to increase the value of their investment. This can generally be achieved by keeping the occupancy rate high and the tenants satisfied, as well as by looking after the asset with professional property management throughout its life cycle.

Life-cycle thinking

Having technical management experience is essential but will only get you so far – just as important are excellent communication skills and the motivation to see things through. Great property management is essential from the perspectives of property value and life cycle, as well as for achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

User experience

The aim of Juhola’s management and leasing operations is to keep our tenants satisfied. A high level of customer satisfaction is achieved by listening to our clients and proactively developing our properties and services. These efforts translate quite naturally into high occupancy rates and a steady cash flow for investors.

Juhola’s story

Since 1995, Juhola has served property investors in almost all areas that a professional property investor needs when operating in Finland. Through organic growth and punctual acquisitions, Juhola offers its services all over Finland to all property types.