Juhola and Investors House expands cooperation

Juhola has started the financial administration of the companies owned by Investors House Plc.

Juhola has started cooperation with the listed company Investors House Plc in the performance of financial and letting management tasks for approximately 20 companies, which represents a significant step in the long-term development of the financial management business segment.  This large-scale partnership strengthens our position as a comprehensive property management partner and demonstrates the confidence that Investors House, as a listed company, has shown in our expertise.

In the management of our financial functions, we focus on efficiency and transparency. Our cloud-based systems and automation tools allow us to streamline accounting, invoicing and reporting. This gives our customers a clear view of their financial situation, facilitating and enabling fast and timely decision-making.

We also invest in analytical financial monitoring and reporting methods to provide our clients with a deep understanding of their financial trends. This helps to optimise resources and highlight opportunities to improve cost-efficiency.