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Juhola’s story

From Trailblazer to the Best Partner in Property Management

Establishment of the Company

Jarmo Juhola was appointed as the Director of Real Estate Investments of the insurance company Kansa in 1992. Soon, he realized that the company was in a precarious situation. At the urging of the top management, Jarmo began to contemplate the future management of the company’s properties when it became evident that Kansa Companies were heading towards bankruptcy. Jarmo can be considered a pioneer in property asset management in Finland, with other company property managers seeking to emulate him. Kiinteistömanagement J. Juhola Oy was established in 1995 when a comprehensive management agreement for the properties was signed with the estate administrators of the bankrupt Kansa.

Jarmo enlisted Maarit Silfver and Pekka Nurkka from YIT as business partners, where Jarmo had worked before becoming the property manager of Kansa. Marja Majanen, who had a long career at Kansayhtiöt, and Veli-Matti Aitala, with experience in the commercial and industrial sector of the Savings Bank Group, were also invited as partners.

Juhola’s Growth

Initially, including the partners, there were 13 employees. In 1997, Juhola acquired Isännöintitoimisto Jukka Pystynen Oy. In this deal, the employees of Pystynen Oy transferred to Juhola Oy, expanding its service to include residential property management. This acquisition aimed to secure the future and job positions of the personnel amid the uncertainty brought by the realization of Kansa Companies’ properties. At its peak, the company had 27 employees. However, Juhola Oy eventually decided to divest from residential property management, allowing retiring employees to enjoy well-deserved retirement. Towards the end of the 1990s, the number of clients also expanded as property management, under Juhola’s leadership, gained a stronger foothold in the Finnish market.

The realization of Kansa Companies’ properties was completed by December 2006. At that point, Juhola had already established a solid presence in the property market.

The New Generation of Juhola

Entering the 2010s, the original partners began preparing for the company’s future under new leadership. This transition materialized in 2014 when Aleksi Aitala and Tommi Juhola were invited as partners. In the same year, the company changed its name from Kiinteistömanagement J. Juhola Oy to Juhola Asset Management Oy, reflecting its broader scope of operations. Juhola continued its growth by acquiring Realto Oy, expanding into a new business area – business park management. The acquired company was rebranded as Juhola Business Park Management. Around the same time, in 2016, Juhola signed contracts with its first international clients.

Largest Finnish-Owned Property Management Company

In the 2020s, the company, now owned and operated by the younger entrepreneurs, became the largest Finnish-owned property management company. The second generation of entrepreneurs included Tommi Juhola (son of Jarmo Juhola), Aleksi Aitala (son of Veli-Matti Aitala), and Mari Jääskeläinen (daughter of Marja Majanen). The founding partners had by this point divested their ownership in the company, and younger employees of Juhola had become partners in the business.

Juhola Becomes Part of Investors House Oyj

On February 26, 2021, Investors House Oyj and the owners of Juhola Asset Management Oy entered into an agreement where Investors House acquired the entire share capital of Juhola Asset Management Oy. Juhola continued to serve its clients in all its operations as before. The only change was in ownership, with key personnel becoming shareholders of Investors House. Together, Juhola and Investors House form a Finnish, entrepreneur-driven manager of real estate assets, capable of making co-investments with partners. This arrangement allows Juhola to better serve its clients and provide added value to all stakeholders. As part of the group, Juhola is committed to continuing as a trendsetter, developing innovative approaches in the industry. Our goal is simple – to be the best partner in property asset management for our clients.