Carnegie rents office premises from Allianz Real Estate on Eteläesplanadi

Investment bank Carnegie has rented a 1,000-square-metre office at Eteläesplanadi 2 in the very centre of Helsinki. This is a long-term lease agreement. The building is owned by Allianz Real Estate.

Juhola Asset Management acted as the estate agent and led the lease agreement negotiations.

The property has approximately 14,300 square metres of office and business premises for rent. Most of this space has now been rented out, with the exception of a street-level business premise. The building is one of the most beautiful and architecturally impressive landmarks in Helsinki. The building is also environmentally sound and BREEAM-certified.

“Next August, a space of approximately 2,000 square metres will become vacant. This space could be divided into smaller offices with the minimum size being 250 m2. The unique location and history of the building make it a very attractive property to businesses seeking a spot in the heart of Helsinki,” says Letting Director Aki Hellstedt from the property’s management company Juhola Asset Management Oy.

Allianz purchased Eteläesplanadi 2 in 2006, when the property was the head office of UPM.

Author: Maria Korteila

First published in Kiinteistöuutiset 11.1.2022