Remote Juhola, a remote rental service, has been launched

Juhola Asset Management has launched a digital remote rental service for business facilities. The recently introduced Remote-Juhola service was developed in 2020-2021, with funding from Business Finland.

The new digital service is currently being tested in seven select office facilities. Remote viewings are carried out with an estate agent in a shared, real-time 360° virtual space. Negotiations can be arranged in the same virtual space via a built-in video connection, which also enables document sharing.

Both property viewings and negotiations can be carried out independently of physical location, anywhere in the world.

“The service beats all traditional methods, both in quality and cost-efficiency. Clients can quickly preview several sites and come back to check the details if they need to. You can do all this digitally either by yourself or with an advisor.

Another asset of the service is location independence. Property viewings and negotiations can be carried out anywhere in the world. This is important because both property owners and users are more and more often global”, says CEO Aleksi Aitala from Juhola Asset Management.

Part of the Investors House Group, Juhola Asset Management provides property and asset management services for Finnish investment properties. Juhola’s mission is to be the best possible real estate management partner for professional real estate investors. With over 25 years of experience, the company manages real estate investments worth over 1.5 billion euros across Finland.