Investors House signs agreement to purchase Juhola Asset Management

Investors House Oyj and the owners of Juhola Asset Management Oy have signed an agreement by which Investors House will purchase the entire share capital of Juhola Asset Management Oy.

Following the transaction, Juhola’s key personnel will continue in their former positions and will also be significant shareholders in Investors House. CEO Aleksi Aitala and Director Tommi Juhola will become members of Investors House’s Management Team.

In the new ownership structure, Juhola Asset Management’s business will continue as it is in all respects, including the roles of key personnel, management and decision-making close to the customer. Domestic ownership creates good conditions for this.

CEO Aleksi Aitala, Juhola Asset Management Oy:

“We welcome a common future as part of Investors House. We see that with this arrangement, we will be able to serve our customers even better in the future and add value to all stakeholders.”

CEO Petri Roininen, Investors House Oyj:

‘’The third time did it – once again. We have had preliminary discussions about ownership cooperation in the past. We see developments in the sector in parallel and now we have reached a common vision and agreement.

The businesses of Juhola Asset Management and Investors House complement each other almost completely. There is little overlap. Instead, there is a lot of new business and new common opportunities. Juhola brings a very significant addition to Investors House’s partnership strategy 2020-2023.

Entrepreneurship unites the world of companies’ values. Both companies have been developed with an entrepreneurial approach and in partnership with customers. I consider it important that entrepreneurship, Finnish ownership and decision-making close to the customer continues.”

Additional information:

Aleksi Aitala, CEO, Juhola Asset Management Oy, tel. +358 40 773 9153

Petri Roininen, CEO, Investors House Oyj, tel. +358 40 761 9669