Helsinki metropolitan area

Broad range of properties

The properties we manage are located throughout Finland and range from offices, business parks, apartments and retail parks to hotels and logistics properties. Have a look at our vacant premises here.

Vacant premises

We are currently leasing office and retail spaces at different addresses around the Helsinki metropolitan area.  Take a look.




Properties are simultaneously like and unlike one another. We take responsibility for offering the best possible user experience for tenants as well as managing the viability of the property throughout its life cycle. With our comprehensive and tailored service concept, we can deliver great value for our clients’ investments.

Mannerheimintie 15

This red brick head office is the only building left of the old Töölön Sokeritehdas (Töölö Sugar Factory) in central Helsinki. It has been brought back to life and its former glory in the hands of Juhola’s property managers.

Katso vapaat tilat.

Aleksi 36

In the heart of the Helsinki city center, Aleksanterinkatu 36 is prime real estate under Juhola’s management.

See vacant premises.




Property Management of hotels is something we have deep knowledge of and have been doing for a long time. Hotel operators collect a significant amount of information on their clients’ satisfaction, where the property itself and its development often play a central role. Close cooperation with hotel operators is a key factor in ensuring our clients’ interests in these types of investments.

Scandic Helsinki Aviacongress

Juhola was responsible for project management when 300 hotel rooms and bathrooms at Scandic Helsinki Aviacongress were modernized.

See hotel website.


business parks

Business Parks under our management have always had exceptionally high occupancy rates. Success in this sector is mostly the result of our strong commitment to the wellbeing of tenants, our profound understanding of their needs, ongoing and active marketing efforts, as well as systems for service level checks and development that have been applied to all properties. Focusing on these priorities will continue to guarantee our success in the future.

Opus Business Park

Opus Business Park offers inspiring working environment in the best spot of Herttoniemi, in eastern Helsinki. Homey design and relaxed atmosphere ensure comfort and wellbeng for all Opus tenants.

Opus Business Park website

Derby Business Park

Derby Business Park is an exceptionally energy-efficient business park in Espoo, Finland. Derby has achieved the highest-level LEED-Platinum certificate by following tight building and maintenance regulations.

Derby Business Park website

Stella Business Park

Stella Business Park is located in Espoo, Finland. It is sometimes referred to as the most popular business park in Finland because of its high occupancy rate and tenant satisfaction.

Stella Business Park website




For apartment tenants, the space they occupy is not just walls and floors but their home. This makes Property Management of apartments very different from managing commercial real estate. In this sector, the manager’s personality is more important than anywhere else. The right managers with exceptional communication and service skills as well as technical knowledge form a winning combination. All parties benefit in the hands of an excellent Property Manager.

Apollonkatu 21

Built in the 1930s, the Apollonkatu 21 apartment building offers homes to nearly 50 residents in the Etu-Töölö district of Helsinki. The building has been completely renovated over the years, with high occupancy and low turnover rates.



retail centers

Retail centers are a unique real estate investment. Their performance and value depend largely on the success of their tenants. Creating synergies with tenants and securing ideal tenants that reflect client demographics is the key to turning retail centers into successful and valuable assets.

Moukarinkuja 2

Located in Tuusula’s Sahankulma retail park area, Moukarinkuja 2 offers flexible retail space for tenants. There are currently only 1600 m2 of available retail space in the center.