Juhola to manage Opus Business Park

Juhola Asset and Property Management is Opus Business Park’s new manager

Juhola Asset and Property Management started to manage the Opus Business Park property at the beginning of October 2019. Opus Business Park offers the most modern offices and high-quality business park services in the Herttoniemi area. The property houses dozens of tenants and hundreds of employees, whose daily comfort and quality of services and facilities will be under Juhola’s responsibility in the future.

Director Antti Jalomäki, who is responsible for Juhola’s Business Park operations, is excited about the new cooperation and the development opportunities resulting from this cooperation:

“I eagerly look forward to working with the new customers and property. I believe that Juhola has a lot to offer in all aspects of increasing the attractiveness of the property.”

Opus Business Park is owned by Kielo, which is managed by Brunswick Real Estate, Cromwell Property Group and the Seafarers’ Pension Fund. The Opus Business Park Oy umbrella body will turn the property into a real business park, whose harmonised marketing and operations will make the service development and leasing more flexible.

“The Business Park management requires active presence on the property and continuous development and marketing work. Opus Business Park has great potential and it offers high-quality office premises. We believe that Juhola provides us with expertise and an active approach to Opus Business Park’s leasing, management and brand development,” says Alexander Wörlund, representative of the real estate company Kielo.

Opus Business Park supplements Juhola’s business operations in the business park management field and is yet another example of the success of our new strategic orientation,” says CEO Aleksi Aitala from Juhola.

Juhola already offers Business Park management services in four Business Parks in Espoo and in the Helsinki region.

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