New Manager of Polaris BP

Juhola is the new manager of Polaris Business Park


Juhola took over the management of Polaris Business Park property on 1 April 2020. Polaris Business Park is a high-quality office complex located in Leppävaara, Espoo, which is one of the biggest business clusters in Finland. Juhola is now responsible for managing the three premises of Polaris and making the everyday life of customers working there smooth. Polaris Business Park consists of three office buildings, two of which are owned by a fund managed by CapMan Real Estate and one by a fund managed by United Bankers.


“CapMan Real Estate is one of our long-time customers. We are very flattered to have the opportunity to deepen our co-operation in a whole new area of the Business Park world. As part of our new management collaboration in Polaris Business Park, we are also establishing co-operation with United Bankers. We are eager to provide the most active business park management service on the market also to United Bankers,” says Juhola’s CEO Aleksi Aitala.


The owners of Polaris value expertise in the regional market and want their property manager to be an active operator.



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