New main tenant for Tietoportti

Juhola helped the Finnish Cultural Foundation find a new main tenant for Tietoportti in Lahti


Lahti Academy of Liberal and Fine Arts (ALFA) is the new main tenant of the Tietoportti property, located in Saimaankatu 11 in Lahti and owned by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. In the first phase, ALFA Academy’s art programmes (film and video, fine arts, illustration and graphic communication, photography and visual communication) and science programmes (pedagogy, psychology, dietetics and health sciences) will move to Tietoportti and start the academic year 2020–2021 in the new facilities. In the summer 2021, ALFA Community College’s immigrant training and vocational training will relocate from their current rental facilities in Sammonkatu 8 to Tietoportti. In all, ALFA rents about 2500m2 of the property.

In four years, the Lahti Academy of Liberal and Fine Arts reviewed over 20 locations, of which Tietoportti proved to be the most suitable. The facilities were originally built for educational use in 1992, so they only require minor modifications in order to suit ALFA’s needs. The parties to the lease agreement, signed on the Finnish Cultural Day, also share common values and educational goals. “Both communities strive to promote equality and social cohesion as well as to strengthen the status of science and art. Considering this, it is a pleasure to move into the new facilities,” says ALFA’s principle Petri Pullinen.

“At the Finnish Cultural Foundation, we are happy and pleased that the Lahti Academy of Liberal and Fine Arts has decided to relocate to Tietoportti. The building was originally designed and built to support training and education opportunities in Lahti. The lease agreement with ALFA preserves these educational goals and we could not be happier. The leasing process itself, led by Juhola, went very well,” says Ralf Sunell, the Chief Investment Officer of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Juhola represented the Finnish Cultural Foundation in the lease negotiations and was responsible for the whole leasing process.


Further information:
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Juhola helped the Finnish Cultural Foundation find a new main tenant for Tietoportti in Lahti

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